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  • Prague Guide seit 2003

  • Mutter meines vierjährigen Sohnes

  • Lizenzierte Fremdenführerin für Österreich seit 2020

  • Sprachen: Englisch, Tschechisch, Portugiesisch, Spanisch und Deutsch 

Veronika's Touren

Treasure hunt
For expats

Get to know the city of Vienna from totally different perspective! In my “treasure-hunt-like” game in teams you will be solving tasks with other people and will have lot of fun! The historical places will never look the same to you afterwards! And what’s best: as the teams will change at every station, you will have a chance to talk to everybody and make new friends! Among other, you will learn fascinating facts about the Anker Uhr clock, St. Stephen’s church, Danubius fountain and some secret corners of Hofburg.

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