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City tour through the first district:

  • Schwedenplatz

  • Backerstrasse

  • Stephansplatz

  • Kohlmarkt

  • Burggarten

  • State Opera

Duration: 2 hours


Start: Schwedenplatz

End: State Opera



On this tour, we embark on a culinary journey through time. You'll learn about historical markets like the Viennese Crab Market since when we eat Kipferl in Vienna and how ingredients and spices we take for granted today found their way to us. You will learn how Lent influenced the menu of the Viennese and why the Viennese "Beisl" is actually Yiddish. We will look at three levels. 

  • The ingredients: During the tour, you will learn where our most popular ingredients come from, since when they have been in use in our country and, if applicable, on which route they came to us. 

  • Viennese dishes, from whom we learned them and where they have been further exported. 

  • How has the shopping list and the method of preparation changed throughout history? 



Included services:

  • Guided tour with Maximilian Heim

  • Tasting and fragrance tasting

  • Duration: 2 h


Inquire about a tour. . . 

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